Kefah Barham

After my graduation in 2014, I returned home to West Bank, Palestine. There, I started teaching at An-Najah National University in the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training. Besides my teaching, I got involved as a trainer - training material designers, and as the cluster coordinator in Leadership and Teacher Development (LTD), and with the Teacher Education Improvement Program TEIP 2. These projects were funded by USAID and the World Bank and aimed at enhancing in-service teacher competencies.


Recently, I received a research fellowship for the year 2018-2019 at Center for International development at University of Northumbria, UK to conduct a research on the role of education in developing citizenship values among young Palestinians.  


Upon finishing the UK research fellowship, I am going to the College of Education and Human Sciences at UMass Boston- to work on research and projects related to international development. [9-18]




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