Karla Sarr

Karla Giuliano Sarr is an assistant professor in International Education at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont and a co-chair of that department. She instructs both face-to-face and online and teaches courses focusing on an overview of international education, M&E, Indigenous education, non-formal education and language issues in education.


Karla had the pleasure of taking a group of graduate students to Senegal in January 2017 as part of a field course focusing on the nexus of language, education and development. It was a wonderful experience to witness the incredible momentum currently in Senegal to address language injustice in a complicated post-colonial context. She was also able to revisit many of the contacts she made while conducting her dissertation fieldwork in 2015 that focused on cultural relevancy in basic education.


In addition to teaching, Karla is an active practitioner and is currently working with CIE’s team on the Education in Crisis and Conflict Network project. Over the summer, she led an evaluation for MSI on a middle-school construction program in Senegal. She has also supported CIE graduate Mark Lynd’s School-to-School International with projects in both Guinea and Ghana. She has also collaborated with another graduate, Paul Frisoli, on an IRC project focusing on science education in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


During her time at UMass, Karla worked as a study abroad adviser. Previously, she coordinated cultural exchange programs at Africa Consultants International/Baobab Center in Senegal, an NGO focusing on education and health programming. That NGO was started by another CIE graduate, Lillian Baer. Karla and Lillian were able to catch up in January in Dakar when Lillian was in-country for a board meeting. Karla also served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon.


Outside of work, Karla enjoys cooking, running, and outdoor activities with her young family. [3-17]


Email: karlasarr@gmail.com


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