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I am working on my doctoral degree in social work at the University of Texas at Austin and work at the Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (IDVSA) as a project director. I focus on women in forced migration, including refugee resettlement in the U.S., and am interested in how women recreate social support networks in forced migration. Our daughter, Anika, is 5 years old and just started kindergarten. [Oct 2014]


karin sent us this update at the end of 2011...



I am still with the International Rescue Committee here in NYC, as a Senior Technical Advisor, focusing on violence against women in humanitarian settings. The work is challenging and amazing. We have been developing new programming and research initiatives that are very exciting - ranging from economic interventions with women to improving services for child survivors. The work and our 2.5 year old, Anika, keep me on my toes. Since the birth of our daughter, I've been traveling much less but still going routinely to DRC about twice a year.  I'm currently applying to PhD programs in social work, so I may be back to school in the Fall of 2012. I'll keep you updated! [Dec 2011]


In 2009, Karin published a document with the World Bank Institute titled Sexual Violence Extends Beyond Conflict in which she argues that What was traditionally considered a private matter, or an inevitable part of a woman’s life, is now understood as an obstacle to development.


Email:  karin.wachter@utexas.edu



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