Karen Campbell Nelson

Karen Campbell-Nelson is a professor in the Faculty of Theology of Artha Wacana Christian University in West Timor, Indonesia. She teaches courses in theological English, gender and theology, and social research methods, and serves on the editorial board of the graduate program’s academic journal, Eureka. Her research focuses on gender, human rights and transitional justice. [2/17]


Previously, Karen worked with the Indonesian National Commission on Violence Against Women to set up a program to monitor violence and discrimination against women in Aceh, Indonesia. She helped train monitors of violence and discrimination against displaced women who had varying levels of literacy and also set up a documentation system. 


In addition, Karen was seconded from Artha Wacana Christian University to work with the East Timor Commission for Reception, Truth-Seeking and Reconciliation (CAVR). She coordinated the women’s research team that collected testimonies from women about their experiences of violence during the Indonesian occupation and the East Timor inter-party conflict prior to that. The completed CAVR report was submitted to the Timor Leste Parliament in October 2005. 

Along with her husband, John, Karen continues to support community development in West Timor. In 2005, John and Karen were facilitating an informal “library” out of their home for the children in their village; they purchased children’s books for kids in their community, and encouraged frequent exchanges of these reading materials. [12/05]



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