After graduating from CIE in February 2012 I returned to my former position at the Office of the European Union Representative West Bank and Gaza Strip, where I am currently working on the design of a basic infrastructure and land rehabilitation and development program. In this place on Earth development is inextricably interwoven with politics. This makes the work interesting but also very challenging.


I was thrilled to discover when I came back that there is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program offered in Jerusalem. I had focused my thesis on the use of contemplative techniques in education and was keen to learn and experience a set of different mindfulness practices. Contemplative education is a new field of research with a growing body of evidence that suggests that teaching contemplative practices in schools is an immensely valuable development for education. Those practices are improving learning by developing resilience to stress, enhancing attention and awareness, supporting emotional regulation and increasing wellbeing. The MBSR program proves to be very useful for my research interest and I am currently exploring the paths to become a Mindfulness trainer.


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