The BRIDGE Project, where I have worked for 11 years ended in December last year but some few officers proceeded up to May 2015. My contract ended March 27, 2015. 


I stayed out of job for just two months then I was called to come and finish the work someone was doing because she has been promoted to Deputy Chief of Party. The project is called Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3).  I'm on temporary basis i.e. It's a temporary job just for 4 months. I'm developing materials on hormonal contraception and potential HIV risks. We have also developed the Malawi Communication strategy on Hormonal contraception and potential HIV related risks. Currently, I’m busy making a presentation about the Malawi communication strategy on Hormonal contraception and potential HIV related risks to different Technical Working Groups.  I'm reporting directly to my boss in Baltimore. In short, I'm working as a Program Officer for Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) project for Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs. [10-15]


I'm working as Program Officer. BRIDGE Project is an HIV prevention project and is designed to energize change in the way we Malawians think and speak about HIV/AIDS and more importantly, in how we act. Its principles and values which guide all our interventions are: B= Belief in a better future (Hope); R= Risk is shared by everyone (Personalized risk); I= I can STOP AIDS ( Personal responsibility, Action, Self-efficacy); D= Discussion about HIV/AIDS (Openeness, Destigmatization); G= Gender equity; E= Emphasing the positive( Action orientation, Community assets, Positive role modeling).

Since I joined BRIDGE I was assigned to work as Program officer for Life Savings Partnership project, CORE Initiative and now am coordinating Hope kit activities. A Hope Kit is an HIV prevention tool developed by BRIDGE. [11-07]




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