John Phillips

After I graduated from CIE in 2000, I decided to use my adult learning skills in workplace education. I first spent four years in Korea teaching ESOL. Then I took a position in management development for an 8000-employee, not for profit hospital/ health care system in Buffalo, NY.  While there, I participated in a global health ministry where I went to both Kingston, Jamaica and Port-au-Prince, Haiti to provide community primary healthcare.


In 2009, my roots in the US Army brought me to the Veterans Affairs (VA) Healthcare System in New Jersey for seven years as the system's Designated Learning Officer. I enjoyed overseeing veterans' health information outreach centers and offered employee learning in many areas.


Since 2018, I have been the learning leader in charge of employee training, education and development at the largest Office of Inspector General in the federal government, based in Alexandria, Virginia. In my free time, I like to volunteer in adult GED and ESL classes. [11-20]




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