Joanie Cohen-Mitchell

Joanie has recently moved from Peace Corps to become a Senior Advisor for Literacy and School Readiness with Creative Associates.  In that role she will be the home office director of READ II, a large, USAID-funded reading program targeting up to 15 million students in Ethiopia. [2/18]


Earlier while still at Peace Corps, In November 2014 Joanie was promoted to Chief of Programming & Evaluation at Peace Corps in Washington DC. Joanie has been working at the Peace Corps since May 2012, when she began work as a literacy specialist there.


As Chief of Programming & Evaluation, Joanie manages and supervises 20 staff in the Programming and Evaluation Unit in Overseas Program and Training Support (OPATS) at Peace Corps HQ in Washington DC, the unit that works most closely with field staff, including fellow CIE graduates Sherry Russell, Mike Simsik and Paul Jurmo.


She works with sector specialists in education, community economic development, youth, gender, environment, agriculture, nutrition, food security, technology for development and monitoring and evaluation to design and deliver standards, guidance and multi-modal capacity building mechanisms for Peace Corps staff and volunteers worldwide. [01/15]





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