Jill Tucker

Jill has lived in Hong Kong for the past 6 years where she heads up the labour rights programme for the Laudes Foundation.  She says of life in Hong Kong:


Despite a recent spike in Covid-19 cases, people all wear masks here and are observant of measures needed to get things under control.  The political situation is a mess, but it's inspiring to live in a place where the majority of the population feels and acts passionately to protect their (beleaguered) democracy. 


After leaving CIE, Jill spent a decade at The Asia Foundation, with postings in San Francisco, Bangladesh and Indonesia.  Jill’s career since then has focused on the rights of workers in the global economy.  Jill led the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Better Factories Cambodia programme where she helped to launch the ILO’s first mobile phone app and introduced transparency into ILO factory auditing programmes. 


Jill also worked for a decade building and leading Asia human rights programme for Reebok International Ltd.  Most of her time since CIE has been spent in Asia. (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.)


Jill expects to retire in the near future and settle in her home town, Honolulu, Hawaii, where her daughter and mother still live.  She’ll be expecting lots of visitors and will have a guest room open for visits of CIE graduates. [7-20]


Email: Jillthawaii@gmail.com


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