Jennifer Ladd

Jennifer Ladd is currently an independent consultant and trainer using creativity and the arts to address classism and racism through interactive workshops. Jennifer offers organizational and group facilitation, and is also a life coach and philanthropic advisor. She is based in Florence, MA.


Jennifer’s doctoral dissertation, Multicultural Education in a Predominantly White Rural Public Elementary School, focused on anti-racism work in mostly white schools. During and shortly after graduate school she taught Intercultural Communication at Lesley College and the School for International Training, along with other courses at the University of Massachusetts and Springfield College.


In 2001, she co-founded Class Action, a non-profit organization, after co-founding a cross-class dialogue group that met monthly for six years. Class Action’s mission is to inspire action to end classism, raise awareness, facilitate cross-class dialogue, support cross-class alliances and work with others to promote economic justice. Jennifer continues to support and work closely with Class Action, as a Senior Associate Trainer.


Jennifer also works with Invest Here Now and Pioneer Valley Network, working towards a more resilient and generative local economy. She was formerly a co-director at the Commonwealth Center for Change, a hub for social justice and arts groups in Northampton, MA, from 2009 to 2011.  


More about Jennifer’s current activities can be found on her Web site. [3/17]






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