Jenise Holloway

Before coming to CIE Jenise worked as a volunteer with SKIP (Supporting Kids in Peru) as the micro-enterprise manager.  She managed loans and monitored small business recipients of a program sponsored by a British NGO.


Jenise also worked at Williams College in Massachusetts. In the early 2000’s she was the Assistant Director of Admission.  She then worked as Director of Professional and Partnership Programs at Quest for College program at Williams College.


During her Master’s program she was also working as the Director of Diversity and Recruiting for IES Abroad.


In September of 2010 she took a position as Director of International Programs at the Schuler Family Foundation where she facilitated international education opportunism.  In 2013 she worked at Northwestern University where she served as the advisor for Project Excite for high school students.  She also conducted needs assessments and managed activities for college access and success.


Jenise currently lives in Chicago and works as an education consultant on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs.[11-23]


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