Jeetendra Joshee

Jeet Joshee is currently Associate Vice President for International Education and Dean of the College of Continuing and Professional Education at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). In the first capacity, he advises the President and Provost on all matters related to international education, including international student admissions and recruitment, study abroad programs and partnerships with overseas institutions. In the second, he is responsible for a wide variety of degree and certificate and online CPE programs.


Prior to moving to CSULB, Jeet was Dean of the College of Extended Learning at California State University, San Bernardino.  He said, “My College has a very strong international program component which takes me to many Asian countries. We conduct training programs for mid to high level managers, teachers, and professionals from both the public and private sectors. China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are key countries but we are expanding to Thailand, Philippines and other South East and South Asian countries.”


Jeet jokes, “I used to say to all my friends that I am slowly moving south—started in Vermont in 1985 but got stuck in Amherst, Massachusetts for 10 years and another 10 in Connecticut… But then, I not only made a move—I lept from East to West...”


Completing both Master’s and Doctoral degrees at CIE, Jeet stayed on for a time at UMass Amherst in the Division of Continuing Education. He also has an MA in Teaching from SIT in Vermont.


Jeet was Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in the College of Continuing Studies at the University of Connecticut before his leap to the west coast. He developed intensive, short-term international culture study programs and led student groups to Nepal, Cuba, and Thailand.


Jeet’s teaching and research areas include international development education and culture studies. He believes that courses dealing with global education and understanding should be part of the core curriculum in American higher education.


Jeet currently serves on the Board of Directors of the University Professional Continuing Education Association (UPCEA). In 2016, Dr. Joshee was elected President-elect of AIRC and will assume the Presidency in 2017-2018. AIRC is a standards development organization and a leader in international student recruitment consisting of over 400 member institutions.


CIE graduate Dan Gerber remembers fondly how Jeet reached out and helped him when he (Dan) was applying to the doctoral program. Jeet and his wife Subarna would love to hear from CIE friends. He said, “If you happen to be here please give me a call!” [4-17]




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