James MacNeil

James MacNeil is currently Vice President of the Asia and Special Projects Division at World Education, based in Boston and overseeing education and development programs in Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. [Left - in Thailand]


James joined World Education in 1999 after graduating from CIE. He coordinated programs in Asia, with a focus on Indonesia and India. He provided technical assistance and managerial oversight to school governance and nonformal education programs in Indonesia, and was based in India from 2005-2007, where he was technical advisor to a capacity development project for Indian NGOs that work to get out-of-school children and child laborers into school. During this time, he also conducted his doctoral research on how families in rural southern India choose between sending their school-aged children to school or to work.


He received his doctorate in Social Policy and Education Planning from Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2008.


James and his partner Judy have two daughters and live in Beverly, MA. [4/17]


Email: James_Macneil@worlded.org



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