Homa Sabri

After leaving CIE Homa returned to Afghanistan.  From 2001 until 2017 Homa worked as a Technical Advisor with UNIFEM/UNWOMEN.  In that role she collaborated with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs on identifying policies and projects to empower women and promote gender equality.  She commented at one point during her work there that “The men think that shelters are a concept from the West that encourages women to run from their homes. A lot of men are trying to damage the reputation of shelters because they are fearful of their girls and women actually defending their rights.


She also worked as a Senior Project Manager with UNICEF helping Women NGOs with the development of literacy materials for illiterate women in rural communities


After the takeover of the Taliban she left Kabul and now lives in Islamabad, Pakistan.  This is the second time she has had to live in exile in 20 years.


Email: homasabri400@gmail.com


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