Hnrey Gwede

After graduating from CIE in 2004 I returned to my job at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) as a District Education Manager coordinating primary school education activities.


In 2011, I was posted to Malawi College of Distance Education (MCDE) as Acting Deputy Director. I was responsible for the development and production of Open Distance Learning instruction materials for distance education students at secondary school level. While at MCDE, I had a privilege of working together with Dezie Trigu, also a graduate of CIE, under the USAID-financed Tikwere Project. The project was responsible for the development, production and broadcasting of interactive radio instruction programmes for junior primary classes, standards 1 to 4.


In 2015, I was posted to the Division Office as Education Division Manager coordinating primary and secondary school education activities in six education districts. I remained at the Division Office for 3 years and have since been posted back to MCDE, where I’m currently working as Acting Deputy Director.


I have now been with the MoEST for 29 years. I joined the Ministry in 1990 as a secondary school teacher soon after graduating from Chancellor College, a constituency college of the University of Malawi. [2-19]




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