Hassan Bangura

For many years Hassan has worked in Head Start programs serving Arlington County in Virginia. He has also been teaching in an elementary school.  In 2019 medical issues caused him to retire. Prior to that he was an admissions officer at Strayer University, and earlier a counselor at the Community Residences for the Arlington Virginia Mental Retardation Program. He trains and works as an advisor with clients with mental or physical disabilities. [3-20]


He assists his clients with their education as well as helping to manage their finances. Hassan says that he enjoys his work very much.In addition he serves as a Senior Deacon in his church and also volunteers as a literacy tutor with the Northern Virginia Literacy Council. He is a member of the Virginia Adult Institute for Lifelong Learning which is responsible for providing basic literacy in English for new immigrants to the area.


He has been enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Early Childhood Educatin at Walden University. He has also been doing research for a paper on "Assessment and Accountability to Support Meaningful Learning in Early Childhood Programs".[2-15]


Email:  hbbangura@msn.com


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