Halona Agouda Black

Since completing my master's degree at CIE in 2008, I spent some years as an adviser in community colleges in the Washington, DC and Maryland area. I had fun supporting adult students, young and seasoned, with planning their life paths.


I then wanted some autonomy from working in the formal education system and turned to entrepreneurship. I started a health blog about women's health and wellness and grew a small but mighty global audience. I wrote a short book concerning my own health experiences and eventually created a curriculum and started teaching healthy cooking classes for women and children in DC and NYC public schools. 


In 2015, I switched gears and started a full-time freelance writing business. I now create corporate training and marketing materials for tech companies. What I love most about my business is my ability to travel independently while writing. Since 2018, I've lived in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.


Kigali, Rwanda has been my home since November 2020. I'm starting an additional business endeavor teaching about relocation and investment in Rwanda. I look forward to more international travel and setting up additional homes in other locations. I welcome connection with CIE folks via email. [5-21]


Email: Hello@HalonaBlack.com.


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