Gudrun Forsberg

After 10 years working as a Principal Education Specialist with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Manila, Gudrun retired in 2003.  During her time there, she worked with governments in various Asian countries, designing and supervising education projects of the Bank.  Since retiring, she has worked on various tasks as an independent consultant.


Before joining the ADB she worked as the Chief of Education for UNICEF in Bangladesh for three years. Prior to that she spent seven years working in Africa, including as a basic education specialist in Lesotho on a CIE project.


While at CIE Gudrun became friends with Pat Maguire and Jennie Campos.  The three have stayed close friends and have continued to get together periodically over the past 20 years, visiting each other on different continents as opportunities occurred.  Pictured is an early meeting of the three of them. [5-20]




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