Greta Shultz

Greta Shultz is an independent consultant, conducting applied research, program evaluation, and policy studies for state and federal education agencies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and community-based groups. In June 2017, Greta founded a small consulting business, Green River Research, LLC. She is currently building a roster of consultants with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, and is also seeking new client relations. Greta would welcome new or renewed connections with CIE members.


From 2000-2016, Greta was a senior research manager in the UMass Donahue Institute Applied Research and Program Evaluation group, leading a portfolio of qualitative and mixed methods studies spanning pre-K- 16 and a broad range of content areas (STEM education, special education, student-centered learning, workforce development, competency-based education, and school and district turnaround, among others).  She has investigated interventions including professional development, mentoring and coaching, systems change, and reforms in curriculum and instructional design and delivery. This past spring Greta was invited to serve as an evaluation specialist on a National Science Foundation solicitation review panel.


The unifying thread across all her work is that she has always sought to analyze data and translate findings into actionable results. She conducts research that informs practice, both policy development and program improvement. Reflecting on this work, Greta comments, “I find that the challenge of improving student outcomes for all students is complex, and I both take seriously and wildly enjoy the researcher’s responsibility to design and conduct inquiry that asks salient questions and pursues rigorous methods to address them.


Greta is based in western MA and works in the New England region and across the U.S. She marvels at the adventures of raising a (now) 11-year-old son, and chuckles at the statement that the independent consultant/small business owner works flexible hours: yes, it’s the choice of which 80 hours per week to work. Greta has enjoyed recently being in touch (and in some cases, collaborating) with a steadfast CIE crew including Jane Benbow, Joanie Cohen-Mitchell, Sue Thrasher, Marla Solomon, Toon and Rob Fuderich, and Jenny Ladd. [8-17]




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