Grant Suhm

After finishing their course work at CIE in 1990 Grant and Marisa Suhm spent six years in Micronesia, working as faculty members at the College of Micronesia where Grant was the Founder and Director of the Department of Agriculture. Grant also worked as the Training Director for Peace Corps in Micronesia and later in Ecuador and Sri Lanka.


They returned to the states in 1995 to complete their doctorates and also began working at Texas A&M University where Grant started as a program development officer for the A&M System Chancellor's Office. Grant then worked as the Executive Director of the Texas A&M System/W. K. Kellogg Foundation Change Initiative called Leadership for Institutional Change in Higher Education. In that role he worked closely with public university leaders in Texas and across the country to identify change issues and promote inter-institutional projects.


Grant then worked as a consultant with the Norman Borlaug Institute at Texas A&M as the Coordinator of a coffee project in Rwanda.  He also worked as a bilingual teacher in Navasota Public School District, Texas – which serves ethnically and economically diverse students.  During the same period he was also an adjunct instructor at Vista College, Texas (right) where in his words he was “teaching Information Technology to a very diverse group of retired, veterans, unemployed truck drivers, doubly employed single mothers, and aimless HS graduates.”


More recently Grant has been spending time managing the the Esmeraldas Coffee Plantation and its associated Community Development Projects, in Cocorna, Colombia. [7-21]




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