George Botelho

My career since leaving CIE has focused on teacher training and school/program improvement in developing countries. Generally, my work has been divided between the South Pacific and the Middle East.


In Papua New Guinea I was involved in implementing the Secondary Schools Community Extension Project (SSCEP). This program brought selected schools in remote coastal and inland mountainous regions together with local village communities, to encourage the learning of traditional skills (taught by village elders), combined with active classroom learning engagement. The aim was to discourage urban drift and the rise of crime among youth with no job prospects after graduation. I have also trained local teachers in the principles of classroom management, lesson planning, appropriate classroom language, and developing an overall educational philosophy that fits into local cultural contexts.


In Saudi Arabia, I was an original member of the faculty of Alfaisal University, structured on an American model emphasizing critical thinking, hands-on student learning/work experience. The program was unique in the region.


I recently was awarded a prestigious US State Department/Georgetown University English Language Teaching Fellowship, which will take me to Cambodia. My assignment is to train local teachers, deliver educational workshops in remote areas, present at regional conferences, and identify/coordinate a project that combines education with community development. [9-22]




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