Foster Kamanga

After graduating from CIE, I went to Malawi and started volunteering for Outernet, which is an Open Access education project initiated by several professors at UMass Amherst. Based at the National Library in Blantyre, I worked on systematic evaluation of the initial sets of transmissions to the Malawi schools and libraries that UMass Amherst has been supporting.


While working as a volunteer, I was also helping college students who came to the National Library with research design and methods. This work challenged me to deepen my practical and theoretical knowledge further. Because the students coming to my office for help, through the Outernet project, were from diverse fields, including social science, I decided to return to USA for further studies on research methods, policy/politics and international development. 


I found a sociology PhD program at Kansas State University (KSU) where I have been taking doctoral courses focusing on sociology of development, research methods and political economy. I have also been independently designing and teaching courses like Introduction to Sociology (SOCIO 211), Social Organization (SOCIO 440) and Global Problems (SOCIO 363) at KSU.  [1-20]


Before coming to CIE I worked as a high school teacher. While teaching I also volunteered in a community-based organization that was working to eradicate poverty through education and awareness of human rights, gender and HIV/AIDS issues.




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