Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi

Flavia Ramos is currently a Senior Research Associate and Associate Director for the Center for International Studies in Educational Research and Development (CISERD) at Florida State University. Recent projects include  USAID-funded projects: "teacher Excellence Initiative in Egypt ('22-'27); Uzbekistan Education for Excellence program ('19-'23), and “Reading for Ethiopia’s Achievement Developed Technical Assistance” (READ TA) Project in Ethiopia (2012-2017).


Other recent activities include USAID project evaluations in Paraguay, Liberia, Mozambique and Angola.


Flavia started at Florida State as a Visiting Associate in Research in 2009, later becoming Senior Research Associate at the Learning Systems Institute. Her work there focused on the development of participatory research methods, including visual sociology, life histories and biographical approaches in research.


Flavia spent 12 years living and working in the DC Metro area before joining Florida State.:


Prior to this appointment [at Florida State], I was project director for Assistance to Basic Education (ABE-IQC) with USAID at Juarez and Associates’ office in Washington DC. 


From 2002 to 2007, I served as Assistant Professor and Director of the International Training and Education Program (ITEP) at American University… and visiting rofessor of international education at George Washington University.


For over thirty years I have been a consultant for governmental (USAID, USDOL) and NGOs implementing participant training programs in the US and conducting research and training in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Recently, I have been involved in the development of early learning education programs as well as evaluation of higher education partnerships in various countries


I live in Tallahassee, Florida with my husband Hedi Mattoussi and daughter Yasmine.


Flavia is author of The FotoDialogo Method©, several training manuals, technical reports, book chapters and articles in refereed journals. She is also a playwright, author and illustrator of numerous children’s books published in Brazil—as Flavia Sales. She is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences including: CIES, the American Anthropological Association, the National Association for Multicultural Education, the Society for International Development, and the Intercultural and International Communication Conference. [3-23]


Email: framos@lsi.fsu.edu



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