Farida Fleming

I came to CIE after working in international development for 10 years. Doing my masters at CIE helped me set my practice in a theoretical framework. And I developed relationships with a group of wonderful and committed educators who became my friends. I feel very privileged to have been able to study full time in a new country in the middle of my career. 


After finishing my Master’s degree, I returned to Australia. Since then, I’ve provided monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) services in the Pacific and South East Asia. My work is in support of social justice in the agriculture, education, gender equality, health and humanitarian sectors. I’ve been engaged by a range of clients: the Australian Humanitarian Program, Country Fire Authority, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Oxfam, the Pacific Island Law Officers Network, Plan International Australia, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, South Pacific Community, UNICEF, UN Women, and the Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.


My focus is on human rights, especially the rights of women, girls and LGBTQI+, who are often the most marginalized. For example, I’ve provided MEL support to 10 programs working to advance women’s rights – across a range of areas including women’s economic empowerment, eliminating violence against women and girls, women’s leadership and supporting women’s coalitions.


COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our region - especially from an economic perspective. Most of the countries I work in have tourism focused economies. So the shutdown of international travel is effecting these places and people significantly. It will be some time before we understand the long term impacts of this crisis on those who are most vulnerable.


Since returning to Australia I've completed my Ph.D. at RMIT University in the area of evaluation. I now have a son, Oli, who is 9. 


Thanks so much to CIE. I think so fondly of my time there. I’m a different person and a better practitioner (I hope) from all the critical engagement with my contemporaries and teachers. [12-20]


Email: farida.fleming@gmail.com


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