Ezekiel Babagario

My studies at CIE helped shape my perspective of how the world of education works. I left a career in the Nigeria Air Force because of the incessant interreligious conflicts between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria and came to CIE in order to learn how education could be used to contribute to peaceful coexistence among the adherents.


While studying at CIE I continued to be involved in peace education programs in Kaduna and Jos respectively. As a founding member of the Abrahamic Peace Center (Center for Interfaith Dialogue and Conflict Resolution), I participated in some peace processes in parts of northern Nigeria in collaboration with other peace advocates. I taught as an adjunct lecturer at the Baptist Theological Seminary Kaduna where I engaged students (undergraduates and graduates) in course centered on Dialogue and Peacebuilding. As potential leaders in the community, it is responsibility of these leaders to understand what peaceful coexistence entails. I volunteered as an education officer at one of the Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in the north east where Boko Haram held sway for a long time causing mayhem among the people.


One of the research projects I conducted in Nigeria showed how religion and politics was used to divide the people. Often the politicians used the divisions to achieve their selfish goals; the people on their part follow blindly or ignorantly. Most of the people used by the politicians and/or religious leaders to perpetrate these acts know little or nothing about their religion.


In collaboration with THEOSEB Foundations in Kaduna, we are designing a radio and television jingles to create awareness among the people on peaceful coexistence. We are also using IT experts to design applications for use on smart phones to create the same awareness among the youth.


During my research work in Nigeria I realized the importance of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) intervention in developing countries, hence after my graduation I decided to enroll in a Public Policy and Administration program at UMass Amherst. This program will help me understand the dynamics and management of non-for-profit organizations both local and international.


I plan to continue contributing to peacebuilding efforts in Kaduna and Jos respectively through training of peace educators. 


Email: ebabagario@gmail.com


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