Ed Graybill

When I last posted on the CIE website in 2010, I had recently started work as Chief of Party of AED’s Improving the Quality of Primary Education Program in Ethiopia.  That was one of USAID’s last broad basic education improvement programs before early grade reading became the agency’s primary focus in education.  I completed the assignment in Ethiopia in August 2014 (AED in the meantime had morphed into FHI360), took some time off in Florida, and then in March 2015 started work as Chief of Party of RTI’s Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) in Nepal. 


EGRP is a Nepali government capacity building program designed much along the lines of other USAID early grade reading programs in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere; our focus is on improving early grade reading instruction, enhancing national and district early grade reading service delivery, and increasing family and community support for early grade reading. 


With more than 120 languages, diverse geographical terrain, and an intriguing political landscape, Nepal is a challenging environment in which to implement EGRP; after a relatively lengthy post-earthquake start-up, we recently passed the mid-way point in the program and continue to gain traction in helping to improve reading outcomes in Nepal. 


My wife Maureen and I have been enjoying living in Nepal, which is an interesting, colorful country.  A highlight each year is when our kids, Lauren and Sophia, come to Kathmandu for Christmas and then we go on a family trip in the region.  Our first year here we explored Nepal, last year we greatly enjoyed Malaysia, and this year we are looking forward to returning to one of our favorite countries, Thailand, and to visiting Laos for the first time. 


EGRP will run through February 2020, at which point I expect to retire, or to at least semi-retire and do some consulting and maybe some teaching at a university near our home in Venice, Florida.  [12-17]


Email: edpgraybill@gmail.com  or egraybill@rti.org


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