Edgardo Rothkegel

Edgardo Rothkegel passed away in March 2023

His obituary can be found Here


Before coming to CIE, Edgardo was a Catholic priest in Valparaiso, Chile – his home town.  As a priest he worked with the Association of Catholic Universities, providing counseling to students.  He later left the priesthood and came to the U.S. in 1966.


In 1973 he came to Amherst with his wife Adriana Gomez.  Edgardo enrolled in a Master’s program in the Spanish Department of UMass Amherst.  He later taught Spanish in a local high school.  After his wife, Adriana was admitted to CIE in 1973, Edgardo became interested in international education and was admitted to CIE in 1974.  While a graduate student he worked on the PENMAS NFE project in Indonesia, spending time in Jakarta with that project.  He also worked as a Peace Corps trainer. 


In 1982 Edgardo was hired by CHP International to work as a Peace Corps trainer in Asuncion, Paraguay.  Subsequently he became the Director of the Peace Corps training center there and held that position for more than 20 years until he retired. [3-23]


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