Dwaine is currently the Director of USAID's Office of West African Affairs, based in Washington, D.C. He is working with the U.S. Government inter-agency across 20 West African countries, to respond to development issues that range from Ebola recovery to overcoming the humanitarian crisis caused by Boko Haram, to countering violent extremism throughout the Sahel.  


Dwaine was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda from 1995-1997, before he joined CIE, where he earned his MA and Ed.D. He served as CIE's Program Manager for its Malawi Project in 2000-2004 and served with the Academy for Educational Development in Uganda from 2004-2005.


Dwaine joined USAID in 2005 as an Education Officer and has led USAID offices focused on education, youth, health, gender, energy, and democracy/governance in Macedonia, Kenya, Afghanistan, Washington D.C. and South Africa. He met his wife, Sonila Hysi, a fellow Foreign Service Officer, while on assignment in Afghanistan and they have a 17-month old son, Aleksander James Lee. They live in Alexandria, Virginia. [1/17]


Email: dlee@usaid.gov


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