Donna is the Program Coordinator for the International Education degree program at SIT Graduate Institute, a program of World Learning, a nonprofit organization located in Brattleboro, VT and Washington DC.  Donna provides academic support and advising for students in the IE program, and teaching and administrative support for IE faculty.  As both the IE on-campus and low-residency degree tracks incorporate a great deal of video-based information and instruction, Donna is in charge of recording, editing and producing such videos.  She also plans and facilitates frequent video conferencing for participants in the field, and coordinates on-campus seminars, workshops, and IE field courses, which have recently taken place in South Africa, Costa Rica and Washington DC.  Further, Donna manages the design and creation of IE course sites in open source platform, manages IE social media sites, and works with Admissions and the Registrar on maintaining current information on SIT’s website.


Soon after Donna arrived at SIT, she began working directly with students with disabilities, advocating for and contributing to structural changes on campus for a more inclusive environment.  As Donna has become the point person in IE for these students, she manages their receiving academic materials in an accessible format, a process that varies from person to person, and works closely with Disability Services and instructional technologists to accommodate these students.  Donna considers her experiences working with and learning from these students to be some of the most valuable in her time at SIT, and notes that the courage, determination and resilience they exhibit in their work throughout the world is both inspiring and humbling.




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