Dezie Trigu

After completing his Master’s degree at CIE, Dezie returned to his job with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology where he started work in 1991.  He had worked variously as a teacher, Methods Advisor and Tikwere Outreach Coordinator for the Malawi College of Distance Education.  In 2013 he retired from the Civil Service after 22 years of service.


Upon retiring, Dezie sent this update about un-retiring: Having thought of quickly retiring from retirement, I met Hatsue Kimura. She is with JICA Malawi. The job I had applied and interviewed for was offered to Maxwell Nkhokwe - small world indeed (both are CIE graduates) and I was happy for him! 


He then was employed as a Community Mobilization Specialist by Research Triangle Institute where he was responsible for community mobilization for the USAID-funded Early Grade Reading Activity (EGRA) in 11 districts in Malawi.  In that role he produced a series of training manuals and other documents in consultation with EGRA staff and stakeholders.


Reading Center Facilitators' Training Manual - Using the training manual we trained 16,000 Reading Center Facilitators. Under my guidance we set up village reading centers in nearly 1,600 schools. Communities participated and supported the reading centers.


Community Mobilization Training Handbook - Using the training manual, we trained and sensitized EGRA community mobilizers and stakeholders.


Reading Competitions Guide.  Under EGRA I wrote a reading competition guide that was used to Sensitize EGRA staff and stakeholders on how to conduct reading competitions. The competitions were finally institutionalized in all schools.


Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) - I coordinated the implementation of Social Behavioral Change Communication with a focus on parental involvement in child reading in area of Kasinje, where there are 15 schools. The intervention effectively changed the mindset of the Kasinje communities so they came to understand and accept that the teaching of children is also the role of parents and not only that of teachers.



Since 2016 I have been working as the Country Facilitator for Classrooms for Malawi, a Scottish Charitable Organization that organizes and finances the building of classrooms throughout the country. My work includes identification of new project sites, gathering baseline data, liaising with stakeholders, and representing and promoting the charity and its work in Malawi.


To date we have built 51 new classrooms, rehabilitated 123 classrooms and built one girl's hostel.  I greatly enjoy my work because I see the impact instantly in the form of increased enrollment, reduced drop-outs and absenteeism, improved teaching and learning environments, and improved economic opportunities in the communities.


Dezie says that: I am proud of the knowledge and skills that I acquired from CIE which have enabled me to contribute in many ways to the development of education in my country. [2-19]




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