My educational background from CIE and skills gained during my studies in CIE enabled me to join the education sector where I could apply the knowledge and skills for the development of the education sector of Afghanistan.


After I graduated from CIE, I rejoined Baghlan University as Assistant Professor and taught in the undergraduate program training both in-service and pre-service teachers. In 2011, I worked with World Bank as Research Consultant with the assignment to evaluate the establishment of School Management Committees.


In 2013 I joined Ministry of Education as a Head of M&E for strategic planning within the Deputy Ministry for TVET. I was responsible for the implementation and evaluation of the strategic Plan for TVET and coordination among all the stakeholders for better reporting and program implementation. I was able to establish the MIS system for TVET and consequently published the First Statistical Report of TVET in 2014 and subsequently for 2015 and 2016.


In 2016, I led the Directorate of Policy and Program Development for TVET. We developed a sector strategy for TVET as part of the National Education Strategic Plan III. I was responsible for overall coordination with the donors, implementing partners and with the sectoral ministries for better program alignment and implementation.


 One of the biggest challenges in Afghanistan was the fragmentation of TVET provision and institutions. After years of discussions with different layers of leadership, my dream came true and H.E President of Afghanistan issued a Decree Separating the Deputy Ministry of TVET from the MoE structure. TVET became an Independent Entity within the Government which is now called the TVET Authority which reports directly to the President of Afghanistan.


Currently I am the acting Director for Communication and Public relations in the TVET Authority. I am mainly responsible for all communications of the TVET Authority with the relevant sectors and partners.


The learning from each course, each theory and each experience gained during my Master program at CIE was vitally useful and helped me when I experienced it on the ground in real time. Starting from courses in project design and implementation, to project evaluation, to the discussion of education in emergency and post conflict settings, to the discussion of education planning. Each of these topics were enriched by the experience of the faculty of CIE through their own involvement in projects and implementation. In addition, I consider CIE as an ocean of knowledge, which I only benefited from its drops. [1-19]




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