Rosen David

David has worked in alternative education, out-of-school youth education, adult literacy and nonformal education, all of which he says were themes of his studies at UMass.  In the early 1980s, following his work as founder and first director of a publicly-funded alternative high school in Waltham, Massachusetts, he was the  Director of Education at Boston's Jobs for Youth, now JFY Networks. He was for 15 years, until 2003, the Director of the Adult Literacy Resource Institute at UMass Boston.


Now an independent consultant, David is the President of Newsome Associates.   He has worked in Northern Cyprus with an Education Development Center (EDC)-sponsored public schools vocational education project, and in South Africa and Haiti on Youth Build International-sponsored integrated curriculum projects. He has recently worked with EDC on projects in Haiti, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. He currently works with Youth Build International and EDC on projects in Liberia and Haiti.


Recent domestic work includes: the Learner Web - a U.S. national adult learner and college student learning support system developed as a response to the Longitudinal Study for Adult Learning (LSAL); the Media Library of Teaching Skills - a web library of free, short, adult education and English language learning classroom and tutoring videos design for teacher professional development; and he founded and co-manages a 1400 page wiki on Adult Literacy Education. In addition, he is an advisor to McDonald's on its English under the Arches and other employee and community basic education programs.


In October 2011, I had a great visit in Seattle with CIE colleague and friend, Lillian Baer, whom I haven't seen in perhaps 20 years. Seattle is a terrific town, and Lillian is a fabulous host and tour guide.  On November 11th I made a presentation and led a discussion at a CIE Tuesday meeting on Using mobile phones and tablets for learning in poor and developing countries, and in the U.S.


David is a musician, too. With former CIE Teacher Corps Project member, Owen Hartford, in 1975 he founded the Gloucester Hornpipe and Clog Society. Still going strong, this six-member Celtic, maritime, American colonial and New England music folk band performs regularly in New England and has performed twice in Ireland. [January 2012]




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