David Bell

Since leaving CIE, David Bell has held a faculty position at Clarke University in the Department of International Development, Community, and Environment. (IDCE).  He is currently the Professor of the Practice of International Development and Social Change. He is also currently IDCE Coordinator of Experiential Learning.


Bell's early research and consulting focused on the intra-psychic processes of empowerment and social transformation and on the impact of in-service programs on educators, as agents of social transformation. His research has focused on transformational leadership and the role of historically black universities in social transformation in South Africa. His work has also included a focus on the reciprocal relationship between formal and nonformal teaching and learning, experiential learning, and modes of experiential and service learning.


More recently his work has focused on designing and conducting program evaluations. In the U.S. he focuses primarily on education programing outcomes and impacts, and globally his work includes consulting on the design and development of evaluation systems for education programs in Kenya and South Africa. [3-20]


Email: dbell@clarku.edu


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