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After finishing my doctorate in 1978, I went back to Iran. Due to the revolution, the UNESCO branch in Tehran where I had previously worked closed. Then I became the Dean of a two-year teacher training college. A year later, I took a position as one of the three teacher training policy makers for the Ministry of Education.


Later I served for five years as an associate professor at the Tehran University for Teacher Education. During these five years, I taught courses such as Methods of Teaching, Educational planning, and Curriculum Development. I also wrote some articles and translated a book by Audrey Howard Nicholson titled: Developing a Curriculum: A Practical Guide from English to Farsi, to be used as a textbook.


In 1985 I returned to CIE on sabbatical.  I stayed at CIE for several months and then went to Baltimore, Maryland to join my family who had just come to the US. We have resided in Maryland ever since.


Starting in 1986 I have had three main activities: teaching in the school system and colleges as a teacher and adjunct faculty, as well as volunteering as a principal for Farsi schools; using one of my Master’s degrees in counseling & guidance to work as a counselor for youth; and serving as an Employee Training Specialist for the State of Maryland and private organizations. To improve my skills I also received two certifications in the Computer Construction and Networking fields.


In 1996 I had an opportunity to go to Iran for nine months. While there, I translated some educational articles and a book from English to Farsi. The book, which was published by UNESCO in 1995, was titled: Partnership in Teacher Development for A New Asia: Report of An International Conference.


In 2006 I became a lecturer in Persian at Johns Hopkins University where I taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced Persian with a focus on conversation and culture. Since then I have also worked as an Associate Professor with Education for All in Gaithersburg, Maryland.


Throughout my career I have been active in publishing articles and books as well as translating many others into Persian.  For example, two books which I authored: [1-24]

Toward a Shiny Today & Tomorrow. Khosravi Publication, Tehran, Iran 2010
The Eternal Secrets of Success, A Guide for a Successful Life. Tehran: 2004.


Email: dariush@dehghans.com


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