Kinsley Dale

In 1971 I left UMass to accept a job at the University of California/Santa Cruz to work with Joe Blackman, a fellow Charter member of CIE, on a Teacher Corps/Peace Corps program.  Later I became a faculty member and Director of Teacher Preparation at UCSC.  Later I decided to take a leave in 1979 to join another CIE'er, Jim Hoxeng, at USAID in Washington, D. C.  I couldn't decide at the time whether I was going to make a difference in schools in the US or through programs in the developing world.  While in DC Bill Smith, another CIE'er and staff member at the Academy for Educational Development at the time, helped me meet my soon-to-be-bride, Cheryll Greenwood.  Cheryll was running the International Division of AED at the time, but within a short time married me and off we went to Santa Cruz, CA to accept a position as their Superintendent of Schools.  That was more than 24 years ago! [9-05]


Although I retired last June, I almost immediately "failed" retirement over the summer, taking on a number of consultant jobs as well as teaching a course last Fall for the Superintendent Credential Program at Western Washington University.  In late October I was asked to become the founding Director of a Washington State Leadership Academy for practicing superintendents and principals.  The state legislature and the Gates Foundation have provided the professional associations for principals and superintendents three years of start-up funding to create a more focussed, personalized, and job-embedded learning/support program across the State. They hired me to figure it out and to draw a connection from leadership learning to improved student achievement.  No small task.... So, I am now working with a design team of professionals from across the state to prepare a pilot initiative for next Fall that will include district teams of administrators working together with on-site coaching support.  In addition, I am currently working with two school districts as an "improvement coach" and am team teaching a leadership seminar in our region for district teams from 10 districts.  All of this adds up to a lot of driving, since my office is either at home or in my car or wherever I need to be to work with folks. [2-08]



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