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Periodically, our web page features a graduate who exemplifies the best of what CIE stands for.  The current featured graduate is shown on the home page. Previously featured graduates are shown below.  Click on their names for their full profile.



Dezie Trigu (M.Ed. 2004)

After completing his Master’s degree at CIE, Dezie returned to his job with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Malawi.  He had worked variously as a teacher, Methods Advisor and Tikwere Outreach Coordinator for the Malawi College of Distance Education.  In 2013 he retired from the Civil Service after 22 years of service.


Hassan Mohamed Ali  (Ed.D. 2001) 

Hassan Ali Mohamed is a development practitioner specialized in education program planning and management in both humanitarian and development settings with over 25 years of field experience in North America, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.


Anita Anastacio (M.Ed. 2006)

Anita has served as Chief of Party for CARE in Aghanistan, a Senior Technical Advisor with IRC, and more recently with Childfund International in Lusaka, Zambia.



Tashi Zangmo (Ed.D. 2009)

After graduating from CIE,Tashi Zangmo undertook the challenge of creating an NGO called the Bhutan Nuns Foundation under the patronage of the Queen Mother of Bhutan. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the education and living conditions for the Buddhist Nuns in the country.

Julio Ramirez de Arellano (Ed. D. 1985)

I have been in Afghanistan since 2007 as a Chief of Party of a large in-service teacher training project, of a workforce development project and, now, of a Ministry of Education capacity building project.


Stephen Richardson  (M.Ed. 2014)

It has become evident the hard work I put into my master’s thesis on the fidelity of psychosocial support programs (downloads policy document) for children in schools in crisis-affected contexts has been fruitful. Soon after I graduated, I worked with Save the Children Norway on a project in the Philippines integrating psychosocial wellbeing into the Department of Education’s Disaster Risk Reduction teacher professional development program in post-typhoon Haiyan.


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