Fall 2022/Spring 2023

Understanding African American Trauma

Gerald Fonville, a UMass scholar in African American and environmental child trauma, discussed racial socialization as a technique to rebuild “lost” connections and as a mechanism to increase resilience to environmental trauma. His research explores the unique mechanisms of African American traumatization as well as individuals’ methods of healing. 


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Meet-up in Amherst – October 2022

Mainus Sultan and Hollyn Green returned to Amherst to visit what they feel is their true home. They are visiting some of their CIE friends who live in the area and dropped by Montague House to catch up with DRE.


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CIE Establishes an Afghan Women Refugee Group in Amherst

CIE in partnership with Catholic Charities, and Focusing Initiatives International, has established a support group for recent Afghan women refugees in Western Massachusetts.


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Majid Khan returns to CIE as a Visiting Scholar

After 13 years Majid Khan (M.Ed. 2003; Doctorate 2009) has returned to CIE as a Visiting Scholar for the 2022/23 academic year. He will be working with the CIE Director, Ian Barron, on issues related to abuse prevention and trauma recovery in Pakistan.


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