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Global Higher Education and Research Planning Workshop at UMass Amherst

In early May, the Global Challenge in Higher Education and Research (GHEAR) convened a planning workshop at UMass under the leadership of Joseph B. Berger, the chair of the WUN Global Challenge. 


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CIE Gathering in Atlanta 2017

As is the custom, CIE once again hosted a reception for CIE members, associates and friends during the annual CIES conference. A large group gathered at a well-known Mexican restaurant a few blocks from the conference hotel to share Mexican-style snacks along with assorted beverages.


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CIE @ CIES 2017 in Atlanta

CIE brought a strong contingent of more than 45 faculty members, graduates and current students to the national CIES conference in Atlanta, Georgia in March. In addition, there were faculty and students from the higher education program at the UMass College of Education. In total, there were well over 50 attendees related to UMass, demonstrating the strong involvement in international education at the College of Education.


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CIE @ CIES 2016 in Vancouver

Once again CIE was well represented at the annual CIES conference – this time in Vancouver, Canada.  CIE sent a group of 22 students and faculty from campus to the meeting where they were joined by another dozen graduates from the program.

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Meet-up in Doha, Qatar

Wendy Wheaton and Jacqi Mosselson met while they were attending a conference on Peace Education in Doha, Qatar in February 2016.

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CIE Well Represented at USAID Global Education Summit

CIE was represented by fourteen faculty members, graduates and current students at USAID’s Global Education Summit in Washington, D.C. on November 2-4, 2015. The event drew over 700 USAID Education Officers, partners and education leaders from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America/Caribbean to share knowledge and experience related to USAID’s three Education Goals.

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Social Science Research beyond the Academy

CIE was proud to have three of their students selected to participate in the forum “Social Science Research Beyond the Academy” on campus in April, 2015.

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CIE @ CIES 2015 Washington, D.C.

CIE was represented by a large group at the CIES national conference in Washington, DC. More than 30 students and faculty from the UMass Amherst campus attended.

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CIE Gathering March 10, 2015 in Washington D.C.

CIE hosted a gathering of CIE members and friends, including some of the many CIE graduates who live in the Washington, DC area.  Represented in the almost 70 people who attended were graduates from all five decades of CIE’s history.  The earliest graduates attending were Steve Grant and Ash Hartwell both of whom graduated in 1972, (others from the 19790s included John Hatch and Beverly Lindsay), while the most recent graduate was Karla Sarr who graduated in 2015. 

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