Software Toolkit for Graduate Students

As Naeem Khawaja nears the end of his doctoral studies – he defends his dissertation in a few weeks – he wanted to share his experiences with research and writing software that he used during his doctoral journey.  Naeem used Mindnode to create a visual tree of categories of software to help understand the bewildering array of choices facing gradu

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A New Cohort of Students Joins CIE

This September, CIE welcomed eight new students who come from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Tibet, Zimbabwe and the U.S. The US students bring extensive work experience in Brazil, Turkmenistan, Indonesia and Bolivia. There are four Master's candidates and four Doctoral candidates. They add to the very international mix of experienced educators already at CIE. 

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What is “Contemporary Arab Political Thought?”

Professor Yasmeen Daifallah, a faculty member in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts at UMass Amherst, addressed a recent Tuesday Dialogue at CIE.  She shared her academic journey and her quest to understand whether there is such a thing as Arab Thought.

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Degrees earned in 2014-2015 Academic Year

The International Education concentration was proud to celebrate the graduation of four Doctoral students, four Education Specialists and two Master's students in 2014-15. 

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Degrees earned during the 2013-2014 Academic Year

Graduation time is here once again. During 2013-2014 academic year five CIE members successfully completed their Doctorates and six completed their Master's degrees. Titles of Doctoral Dissertations and  titles of Master's degree capstone projects or theses are shown here along with pictures from graduation.

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