Cliff Myers

Cliff Meyers was most recently working as Education Chief and Senior Education Specialist at UNICEF Myanmar, based in Yangon, from 2014-2016. Prior to this, he was at the UNICEF East Asia-Pacific regional office based in Thailand for 11 years. [01/17]


He wrote in 2010:


I am still working with UNICEF in Bangkok as the Regional Adviser for Education, supporting UNICEF’s education programmes across East Asia and the Pacific. I have been in this post, and in Bangkok, for 7 years and am still enjoying, though feeling a need for change. I am focussing mainly on quality issues related to basic education, as well as early childhood development, the basis for success in school and life.


I have been really fortunate to have seen so much of the region, from lovely Pacific Island states to 7 visits to North Korea. I also get to meet a number of CIE members on the road, including Mohamed Hassan working in UNICEF Bangladesh.


More important than the work is the blessing of becoming a father at the ripe old age of 48. What a great thing. My son Jack and partner Oud (from Laos) have joined me on quite a few trips around the region. I was back in Amherst for a few days in November 2010 when I promised DRE I would update my blurb for the Web site.


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