Cliff Myers

In 2022 Cliff moved back to the Amherst area with his family. Much to his surprise and delight he was appointed as the Interim Director of CIE in  June of 2023.  He had this to say about his new position: I recently started as the part-time, interim Director of CIE. I can’t believe how fortunate I am and how excited yet daunted I feel to take on this new challenge. Fortunately, both UNICEF and UMass have similar layers of bureaucracy and I am slowly but surely getting adjusted to the system at UMass. I now have a master key to Montague House, a parking permit and a UMass  e-mail address. [8-23]


He said this about a visit to CIE in 2021. It was great to drop by Montague House and visit with DRE and BGW in early Dec 2021. While CIE was pretty quiet, the Amherst area is really appealing as we contemplate moving to the States from Vientiane. Let’s see.


I took early retirement after 23 years in UNICEF in 2016. At the time, I was working in Yangon as the UNICEF Education Chief – coordinating the Education sector and developing the first sector plan.  Wow – what a time that was


The past 5 years we have been living back in Laos. It has been fun and great for the family. Jack is now 14 and Sengchane is 10 – both enrolled at the French international school.


Oud and I started a ‘social enterprise’ children’s book publisher and have had a lot of fun with that. Besides developing, Illustrating and publishing books in Lao and in Khmu ethnic language, we also conduct research and special projects. Oud has all sorts of projects and bids of her own going on as well – so we aren’t bored


I do regular consulting in education and early childhood development around the region and in Laos. With Covid – much of this has been from home – which is fine by me


I remain a Board Member for the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC) which is a hands on role that I really enjoy. The Steering Committee is composed of UNICEF, UNESCO, Save, Plan, Child Fund, World Vision and other stakeholders and we have an active membership. Our recent series of webinars on ECD and Covid was very well received and we hope to announce our next ARNEC Annual Conference for late 2022 soon.[1-22]




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