Chenyang Xu

Ni Hao (Hello)! My name is Chenyang Xu from Shanghai, China. I am a first-year Ph.D. student of Mathematics, Science & Learning Technologies program. My research interests focus on utilizing social media and data science to support higher education and student services, especially international student services.


As a student who enrolled in a 3+2 program, I completed my study of Bachelor of English Language degree at Shanghai International Studies University in 2014 and received Master of Education degree at Kent State University (KSU) in 2015. Earning two degrees in two consecutive years was stressful, but it was an amazing experience indeed.


After graduation, I started my career at the Alumni Association at KSU. My duties included social media platform management, international alumni services, international event planning, potential funding sources identification, and developing marketing strategies based on international alumni data. Throughout my career experience, I soon realized the necessity and potential of digital systems in the higher education field. Therefore, I started my second master’s degree program, Master of Digital Sciences, at KSU.


During my study at KSU, I co-founded the Chinese Alumni Association and established the university’s first alumni public account on WeChat, the most used social media platform used by Chinese students and alumni. As the manager of this account, I was in charge of reaching out to Chinese alumni, sharing the latest University notifications and information, planning online campaigns and assisting with international alumni events. Today, the WeChat account has grown to over 800 followers. In addition, I was the manager of the KSU Chinese WeChat Group in Beijing, the capital city of China. By utilizing social media and data science, I was able to assist with a variety of international events, campaigns, and strategies formulation of international communication.


In 2019, I received Master of Digital Sciences degree at Kent State University. The success of utilizing social media in my career motivated my passion for furthering my research and studies. Therefore, I am excited to join the CIE team and work with the splendid members here at UMASS!





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