Carla Clason

I am now living in Cape Coral, Florida.  It has now been 8 years since I packed all my precious belongings, loaded a big truck and drove to Fort Myers, Fl.  I had never been to Florida before, and never thought I would live in such a place!  But, I had to move to a warmer climate!  I got a map of Florida, found a place called Fort Myers, did a bit of research and simply decided that I would try this place.  I did not do this alone!  That was a huge undertaking.  My sons Mikael and Daniel, and Sogol, Daniel’s soon to be wife, took turns driving.  This adventure ended up being a four-day road trip through back roads across this beautiful country, with two very unhappy cats that howled much of the way.  I really miss Amherst, but I could no longer handle the cold weather.


I retired from teaching French and Spanish with the Springfield School System, but I really had a hard time with retirement.  It is not a good thing to do nothing of importance.  So, after a few weeks of discovering the flatlands and swamps of this state, I went back to work on a part time basis.  I taught Spanish at the Fort Myers Canterbury School.  Then when that job ended, I went to work with a special program in Fort Myers for economically and educationally disadvantaged children.  I was teaching 5th grade reading skills, until the Corona Virus pandemic struck and, unfortunately ended my work with these children.  I loved this work and believe I made a difference in some small way in the lives of these kids.


So, I am retired again.  However, in some ways this has opened the doors to more fully participate in different programs to bring sanity to our nation.  I believe that what has happened and is still unfolding offers us an opportunity to take a good look at what has been hidden for too long.  We will need to participate in building something new based on ideas, principles and values that were so often discussed at CIE, but this time with regard to this country!


My son Mikael and his wife Amanda (right, with Carla), are working in development projects for Africa and living in Nairobi, Kenya.  Mikael has an MA Degree in planning and development from the Kennedy School at Harvard.   Daniel and Sogol live in Altadena, Ca and have two small children, my grandsons Andreas and Shayan.  Daniel has an MA Degree from The New School in NY.   His education at the New School inspired him, his brother and a friend from Amherst to start a green, sustainable company called Madera Trade.  They started in Brooklyn, NY and now they have expanded to LA.


Since moving to Florida I have had contact with George Urch and Helen Fox who both live nearby.


In time, when this pandemic will permit it, I will move to live with Daniel in CA. [7-20]




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