Bonnie Sylwester

Before coming to CIE Bonnie spent two years as an English Teaching Fellow in Bolivia.  After that she worked as an English language teacher, teacher trainer and curriculum developer in several different countries including Namibia, South Korea, Bolivia, Spain and Mexico.


After finishing her Master’s degree with CIE, Bonnie moved to Hawai’i and enrolled in a doctoral program in Second Language Studies.  She completed her doctorate in 2017 with a dissertation that focused on the program assessment of an applied linguistics program.


Upon completing her doctorate Bonnie was hired by George Mason University and is currently the Assistant Director for International Program Assessment there. Her responsibilities include providing support in the areas of assessment, data analysis, and accreditation for international programs at Mason.


While in Hawai’i Bonnie took up sailing and then racing.  She was an active sailor, racing in a number of boat classes during her eight years there.  After moving to Virginia she has continued to be an active sailor, racing in local and regional Flying Scot regattas. She is currently the racing director for the Sailing Club of Washington.  [7-23]




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