Blake Marcus

After graduating from Connecticut College with a double major in Philosophy and Hispanic Studies in 2010, I spent the summer in Cambodia getting my TESOL certification for teaching abroad. My time in Southeast Asia led me to develop a love of working internationally. Later that year I moved to Montana for the snowy winters and spent my summers teaching English across the globe and setting up international exchange programs for high school students.


I find constant inspiration in the ability we have to bridge cultural differences and find commonalities. Also, I believe that we learn the most about each other and ourselves during times of hardship. My own work experiences in places like China, Peru, Cambodia and Thailand helped me come to a better understanding of my own thoughts and beliefs. In particular, I spent 5 months in the Peruvian Amazon jungle teaching sustainable development of natural resources to indigenous communities. The villages were spectacular and the work both difficult and rewarding. During this time of deep immersion, I discovered that international education is the field to which I want to dedicate my career.


Having grown up in Amherst, I am excited to come back to the town that gave me so much opportunity as a young adult. My experiences traveling the world and teaching on four continents have made me begin to realize the complexities of working in a global community. I see the need to continue my education to work professionally in this field. This fall, I am entering the Master's program at the Center for International Education. I am so excited to be a student again and look forward to the coming academic years and the possibilities that lie before me.




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