Beverly Lindsay

Recently Beverly Lindsay, professor emerita of education at Penn State University, was selected as an evaluator for the Canadian government’s National Research Chairs (NRC). NRC nominees will be reviewed by the evaluators, who are recognized as world leaders in their fields, and they will award chairs to Canadians who are outstanding global researchers. Beverly's expertise is in higher education and international policy studies.


In summer of 2020 Beverly authored of an article in the magazine Diverse Issues in Higher Education. The article titled “International Diverse Universities in the Midst of a Global Pandemic” compares the role of women leaders in higher education in the HIV/AIDS epidemic with Covid-19 today and discusses activities of the Ford Leadership Institute in addressing the challenges of Covid-19. [8-20]


At the annual CIES  meeting in Mexico City in March of 2018 Beverly Lindsay  was recognized as one of two CIES Honorary Fellows for 2018.  The Honorary Fellows award was established in 1982 to honor senior members of the society who, through a period of life-long service and contribution to the field of comparative and international education, have advanced the field qualitatively and significantly. There have been 31 Honorary Fellows since the inauguration of the award, two of whom are from CIE (the other one is dre).


Beverly Lindsay, EdD, MA  has been awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to Indonesia at the University of Lampung (Lamung Province) and the Ministry of Education (Jakarta) during Fall 2013. Her fellowship will focus on university research and policy development in education and social sciences. [9-13]


Beverly Lindsay, a professor and senior scientist of higher education and international policy studies at Penn State, has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Lindsay was elected a Fellow in January 2012 for her distinguished contributions to enhancing international scientific education, leadership, and scholarship, particularly as a global leader in efforts to promote international understanding through curricular and policy changes. [1-12]


Beverly Lindsay was the 2010-11 Invited Visiting Professor at The Institute of Education, University of London and the Inaugural University Fellow and Professor at Dillard University, New Orleans.  In both sabbatical sites, she is involved with the research and policy project entitled, "University Engagement in Domestic and International Venues." Her co-authored/edited book, Universities and Global Diversity, will be published simultaneously in London and New York by Routledge in January 2011



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