Headshot of Basha Hicks

Basha Hicks passed away in February 2017
Her obituary can be found Here.


Before coming to CIE Basha was a PCV in Venezuela where she did field work and helped with management, designing and developing trails for the Guatopo National Park.


While at CIE her studies focused on ecology, planning and development and their educational application. Her dissertation was a study of environmental perceptions of peasants living in the watersheds of the Guanare-Masparro hydroelectric project in the Venezuelan Andes.


After leaving CIE she earned a J.D. at Harvard, moved to Florida and worked for several different law firms. She was also an in-house legal consultant and production manager for Plants in Design – a leading USA orchid and bromeliad farm located in Miami.


A longtime resident of Key Biscayne, FL, in addition to her legal work, she was a member of the Key Biscayne Zoning Ordinance Review Board; Director of the Peace Research Foundation; past Director of the New Theater (Coral Gables); and past Program Director of the Harvard Club of Miami.


She is the author of an international award-winning children’s book on ecology entitled “Jugando entre Gotas” which raises awareness about the importance of water. [3-17]


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