Berengere DeNegri

Since graduating from CIE, Bérengère has been based in Washington D.C. working mainly with The Academy for Education Development (AED) and its successor FHI360. 


Her work has been focused on social behavior change (SBC), adult education, training, capacity building for institutions and community organizations, advocacy, interpersonal communication, national communications strategy, learning materials and participatory research methods. Her experience includes working with HIV/AIDS, family planning, maternal newborn child health, malaria, tuberculosis, water sanitation and gender-based violence.


She has worked in over 35 African countries as well as in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Djibouti, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, India, Laos, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.


Bérengère has numerous publications with UNICEF, AED, and Johns Hopkins, as well as numerous presentations at the APHA and the WHO.  A typical example is her publication with AED – Making Sense of Focus Group Findings: A Systematic Participatory Analysis Approach.


Originally from Belgium, she is a native French speaker, fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with a basic understanding of Albanian, Dutch, German and Italian.


Since July 2019 she is retired and enjoys traveling in Europe or the USA mainly to be with her husband, children and grandchildren. [7-20]




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