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Dear friends at CIE –


I am pleased to share a quick update about myself – Since leaving CIE, I have been working at the Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan where I serve as the American Center Director. Currently, my responsibilities include overseeing the work of four American Spaces in Turkmenistan. I manage grants, engage in research, and help obtain innovative educational technologies and Makerspace equipment to enhance our library collection.


I work closely with our key partners and implementers to provide numerous educational and cultural programs, focusing on English learning and STEM, for local youth and young professionals.  I have also been the webmaster of the Embassy website. Please spare a minute to check our website.


I had the pleasure of visiting UMASS in December 2023 for the first time in 22 years and briefly toured the university’s vibrant campus and the town of Amherst. I was very touched to be back on UMASS campus, and it filled me with emotions. It reminded me of my delightful university days and valuable interactions with professors and fellow graduate students.(pictured with Gretchen & dre)


 I am fortunate that my current position allows me draw on my knowledge and experience from the two years I spent at the CIE. I provide information to government representatives and various local communities and offer a wide range of presentations and training. The courses I took at CIE helped me particularly in designing curricula and materials for my presentations and training activities. Looking back on my CIE years, I have realized that it prepared me not only for my career but also for life. With its emphasis on team work and dedication the CIE community gave me lessons for a life-time.


I have five children, four daughters and a son. I am thankful to CIE for considering me to still be part of the CIE family.[1-24]


Email: myradov74@gmail.com


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