Antonie Chigeda

Greetings from Malawi. Since my days at UMass several opportunities have allowed me to utilize my knowledge and skills from CIE to develop and grow academically as well as professionally. Six months after graduating from a CIE’s Master of Education program in Policy Planning and Leadership, I joined Moi University in Kenya for a Master of Philosophy degree specializing in Philosophy of Education. I returned to University of Malawi, Chancellor College where I taught graduate and under graduate level courses for our Master’s in Policy, Planning and Leadership as well as bachelor of education programs. In 2011, I joined Kyoto University in Japan where I completed my PhD in democratic school governance.


Back at the University of Malawi-Chancellor College, life has been quite engaging professionally. I was appointed deputy editor of the Malawi Journal of Education and Development. A publication of the faculty of education at Chancellor College that comes out once a year. I took over as Assistant coordinator of  the Masters/Bachelor’s degree programs in Primary education, a project funded by the Scottish government. In this I succeeded Dr. Samson MacJessie Mbewe a former graduate of CIE following his appointment to the position of Director of higher education at the central Ministry of Education.  Recently, I have been appointed acting director for our newly established E-Learning Centre, succeeding another former CIE graduate Dr. Ken Ndala following his appointment to the position of Director of planning at the central Ministry of Education. Chancellor College at the moment is busy establishing online courses and live streaming of courses. It is exciting as it is challenging to lead these new developments that are poised to significantly contribute to expanding access to higher education in Malawi.


This notwithstanding, at the moment I am working with colleagues from the University of Nottingham on a two-year project funded by VSO Malawi through the Norwegian Embassy. The project is using tablets with specialized apps to accelerate acquisition of literacy and numeracy skills among learners in the first two years of primary schooling. Our work is to monitor and evaluate the impact of the project. If the impact is significant the project will be implemented in all primary schools in Malawi thus greatly contributing to development of early literacy and numeracy in Malawi. I can look back and say thank you to CIE for knowledge and skills in project monitoring and evaluation that are very critical in this important task with such far reaching consequences! [12-15]




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