Ann Hartman

Ann Hartman is Dean of the East-West Center Education Program. Founded in 1960, the East-West Center (EWC) promotes better relations and understanding among the people and nations of the United States, Asia, and the Pacific through cooperative study, research, and dialogue.


As Dean, Ann provides overall leadership for the Center’s graduate student programs, which provide scholarship funding and a dynamic living learning community for American and international students pursuing graduate degrees at the University of Hawaiʻi.


Prior to becoming Dean in 2017, she spent 15 years in the Seminars Program at the EWC, coordinating short-term professional development and exchange experiences for journalists, young political leaders and women entrepreneurs. She led the East-West Center’s two flagship short-term dialogue and exchange programs: the Jefferson Fellowships for journalists and the New Generation Seminar for young leaders. Through this work, she built partnerships in and led multiple visits to Japan, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Pakistan, Singapore, and India in Asia and cities across the United States on topics such as climate change, innovation offshoring, health issues, the global economic crisis, Asia Pacific security, the future of jobs, the South China Sea, and heritage preservation.


With Activist in Myanmar Young Political Leaders in Pakistan Women's Leadership at EWC Guizhou, China



From 2011-2014, she designed, procured and led a $US1.1 million in grant for a Pakistan-U.S. Journalists Exchange, which sought to bridge gaps in understanding between the two countries through study tours and dialogue. From 2008-2017, she was the co-coordinator for the Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar, a training program for female innovator entrepreneurs. She co-authored the book chapter, “Changing Faces Women’s Leadership Seminar: A Model for Increasing Asia Pacific Women’s Entrepreneurial Participation,” in the 2014 academic text Women and Leadership Around the World.


Dean Hartman came to the East-West Center in 2002 from a career in teaching, training, and program administration. She was Associate Peace Corps Director for programming and training in Uzbekistan (1997–2001) and was a Peace Corps volunteer teacher and teacher trainer in Multan, Pakistan (1990-1991) and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria (1991-1993).


She is on the Board of Friends of Pakistan USA; served as a coach and referee for American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) for 14 seasons; served as the elected parent representative on the School Community Council for Ewa Makai Middle School 2019-2020; and is on the board of the James Campbell High School PTSO.


In this current role as Dean, I find myself drawing so much upon my years at CIE as a model for my work. CIE was a wonderful example of creating a dynamic learning community to enhance our graduate education, where we were able to explore critical issues in our field from diverse perspectives and feel a sense of common purpose toward making positive change in the world. I also am trying to recreate the model of students helping to write grant proposals and working on real-world projects. That was a rich part of my learning at CIE.


And never before has the Pedagogy of the Oppressed felt so relevant and real as this generation of students explores decolonization in every sphere of life, especially here in Hawaiʻi. These students are re-igniting the passionate ideas born in late night discussions with Karen Elam, Jane Mosczynski, Joanie Cohen, and many others at CIE! [11-20]





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